Parish Transformation celebrates the gift of our parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago by making our parishes stronger and more effective in fulfilling the mission that Jesus has entrusted to his Church.

In Part I of Parish Transformation parish leadership is given the opportunity to identify their strengths or “pearls of great price” that give the parish its distinctive character and definition. The design of Parish Transformation is also intended to identify those areas in parish life and ministry that may be weak or ripe for new development. A self-assessment tool is provided which outlines Parish Foundations and Building Blocks which provide the focus for parish leadership’s discussion and planning. The goal of the process is to enable the parish to articulate its mission and vision and provide a concrete strategy for revitalizing the parish for the future.


Part II of Parish Transformation focuses on the financial and material aspects of parish life through a benchmarking process. The mission and vision of a parish give shape and direction to how a parish uses its resources. The benchmarking process helps a parish to establish a strong financial foundation so that its mission and vision can be successful. Helpful tools are provided by which a parish reviews in detail its financial and material resources, personnel, budget, facilities, etc. in light of what we have learned to be best practices in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Issues surrounding personnel, schools, and facilities are addressed in view of strategizing for the future well-being of the parish.

Throughout the Parish Transformation process parish leadership is given the aid of a facilitator so that the pastor and his designated parish leadership will have the support and assistance they need to successfully journey through the process. The ultimate goal of the Parish Transformation process is to learn new ways of looking at parish life, to adopt new pastoral and fiscal practices where it is advantageous, and to initiate an ongoing review and refinement of the mission and vision of the parish at regular intervals.

Two Holy Martyrs Parish

Main Office

(Located at St. Symphorosa Worship Site)

6135 S. Austin Ave 
Chicago, Illinois 60638


Parish Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 12 pm (noon)

Closed on Sundays

St. Rene Goupil

(Worship Site​)

6949 W. 63rd Place
Chicago, Illinois 60638


Fr. Robert Regan, Pastor

Fr. Matthew Compton, Associate Pastor

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