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Helping Hands

Family Fest 2022 Online Volunteer Form

A separate online form is needed for each person interested in volunteering. For questions about this online volunteer form, please call the Parish Office at (773) 767-1523.

Family Fest THM-01.png
Pre-Fest Set Up (School Families: Two shifts are required to fulfill school requirement)
Post Fest Clean Up (School Families: Two shifts are required to fulfill school requirement)
Family Fest Voluteer Shift Schedules

*Counts as one shift for School Family Fest Requirement

**If necessary, one to two people to finish clean up

We will try our best to assign you to one of your choices on a first come, first served basis. Based on volunteer participation, certain assignments may become unavailable.

(Beer Ticket Sales volunteer slots have already been filled.)

Thank you in advance for donating your time!

1. Prize Booth

(Jar tickets that award prizes for matching tickets; outdoor trailer

2. Pull Tabs

(Walking the grounds selling pull tabs; MUST BE 21).

3. Bingo

(Selling bingo tickets; verifying winners; inside the I-Hall; MUST BE 18).

4. Food Tent

(Sell food and drinks; must be here an additional 1⁄2 hour before/after shift; outdoor booth).

5. Supply Runner

(Moving food outdoors; moving drinks to beer area; outdoors; MUST BE 21).


6. Beer Tent

(Collect tickets; serve beer and wine; outdoor booth; MUST BE 21).


7. Beer Line/ID Check

(Verify legal drinking age; put on wristbands; monitor people with alcohol; outdoors; MUST BE 21).


8. First Aid - Must be doctor, nurse, or paramedic!

(Assess injuries; outdoor booth).

Thanks for submitting your Family Fest 2022 Volunteer Form! Someone from the Parish Office will contact you soon.

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